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Welcome to the Bexleyheath Branch

We are a very active and successful branch which is part of the South-East region and in our efforts to raise money we try to arrange fund-raising events during the year to cater for all ages and interests. So if you are 16 to 106 there may be something that you could be involved in e.g.

Arrange a football charity match, or golf tournament and we will supply the trophies.

Attend our annual coach outing or any other Branch Event.

Help us with an hour or so of your time when collecting at a local Supermarket or during Lifeboat Week

As a member of this branch you will get notification of all our planned events, and can attend our A.G.M. where we are open to any other suggestions you may have which will raise money for this well-deserved charity.

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APRIL 21st

Our First Ever Linedance was a great success (much to Shirley's relief!!). The Venue and the location was absolutely right and we were lucky enough to have an Excellent DJ and 3 Cabaret demonstrations who all gave their services free of charge. Also Brenda Davis helped enormously by creating some wonderful western decorations (I think visitors to her house thought they were in a desert when they saw all the cacti, dancing boots and hats) to help transform the hall. With approx. 120 people attending we all had a good time - even the RNLI supporters who didn't Linedance enjoyed the atmosphere and music (some were even seen "having a go"- See Picture Gallery).

APRIL 28th

We were blessed with a dry day which encouraged many people to come along. We had our usual Cake Stall, Bottle Tombola, Bric-a-brac stall, Raffle and Souvenir Stall and together raised a total of £660 which was a very pleasing result

JUNE 30th & JULY 1st - Danson Festival

This two-day show is a regular annual event for us which has many thousands of people attending. We had 3 pitches which we had to have manned ad ready to go by 10.00am on Saturday morning, so we erected our Souvenir Stall the night before to save time on Saturday. Beadles Of Sidcup loaned us once again a Landrover Freelander which helps us to sell the RNLI National Draw Tickets where the First Prize is a 3 Door, Hard Back (with Sports Kit) Landrover Freelander. Our Souvenir Stall did really well as did our ever popular Nail Game and Tombolas. The weather was hot and we all managed to top up on our sun tans. Overall the weekend was a great success and we raised £1,525.82 which was 50% higher than last year. Our thanks go to everyone who helped and also to everyone that visited our stand and supported us.

JULY 5th - Coach Outing To Brighton

We had a full coach of 49 people who all thoroughly enjoyed this day. The weather was good and we had arranged in advance with Brighton Lifeboat Station to visit them on arrival. We arrived at Brighton at 11.30am and departed at 4.30pm.

JULY 22nd - Erith Sports Center

We were invited to attend this function by making a donation to the "Antony Nolan Trust" which we were glad to do. We were led to believe this All-Day Event would be well advertised but on the day it was poorly attended. We were on site from 9am until 5pm with our Souvenirs, Nail Game & Freelander Draw but only raised £150.25 on the day, which was dissapponting.

Sailing in England

Sailing is not only boats, water and people with lots money. That is a whole world that, once you step into it, gets only bigger and more interesting. The sea will call you always back, and you will return to it, that is for sure. In order to make a world safe, there must be some people who are taking care. In the real world those are policemen and in the sailing world those are the lifeguards and lifeboats.

You don't have to have millions in order to go sailing, because you don't have to own a yacht. There are also smaller sailing boats you can buy or even rent. Even renting a yacht is not that expensive, look it up, and you will see. But real sailing doesn't have anything to do with yachts. The real boats for sailing are sailing boats, no engine, only your hands, the wind and open sea. To control a boat like that it requires a crew, so you will need a group of people, and if you can't find anyone, than go to a sailing club, there you will find many people who will want to join you.

Feel the salty breeze on your skin

One of the organizations that can help you have a great sailing experience is Classic Sailing. They offer some great experiences and their boats are amazing. They always organize trips, especially during the summer, that last from six days to more than two months. One of their most amazing ships is the Tall Ship Bark Europa. Bark Europa is built in 1911 and looks like one of those pirate ships you can see in cartoons or movies. The crew is quite big and it requires a lot of people to do everything what is needed to keep it going. If you want to go there but also to bring someone with you, you can take an escort from https://www.eros.com/.

While speaking of London, even there you can sail. The river Thames offers you the boating and sailing experience of your life. The river has seen all types of boats, from small sailing ones to huge yachts. Even competitions and races are being held there. If you want to try this opportunity London has to offer, than go, you will find many agencies, clubs and organizations that will love to help you

The Lake District, Cumbria is one of the places in England where you can enjoy almost every watersport there is. From swimming and diving all the way to boating, windsurfing, sailing and even some extreme sports like waterskiing and wakeboarding. Paddle boarding, canoeing and kayaking are also things you can do there. There are also a few hotels, campsites and restaurants placed close to it, so you can maybe even plan a whole vacation there. Don't worry about the equipment, they have everything. All in all - Cumbria is a beautiful place to visit and explore, and while you are already there make sure to visit Lake District and enjoy the beautiful water and maybe even do some sailing.

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